Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tell us about it

24 November 2011

Today's lesson provided further focus on writing and its planning. I was searching Google Images for award winning photographs and decided to use some of them as prompts in our class. The students were shown a picture of a busy Indian street with lots of traffic and an elephant casually strolling through the scene. Using example questions we started to make notes about what we could see in order to plan a piece of writing to describe the images. The group worked together to elicit certain aspects of the image, notes were made on the board and any difficult vocabulary that arose was clarified. The group then worked together to transfer the notes into a written composition on the board with help from the teacher and peer input. The learners were then put into 3 groups to work on new images, the planning process was then set into motion with help provided in spelling, vocabulary and encouragement to be creative. The groups were very careful not to let others see their pictures. Once the groups had successfully planned and written their pieces all the images were shown on the board one by one with the learners reading aloud their work, describing the scenes to the rest of the class.

Tell Us About It - Worksheets

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