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getting used to it......

27th September 2011

In today's lesson we focused on  'get used to', following on from our last lesson on 'used to be'.

In a warm-up activity we watched an amusing video where an Englishman is a guest in a Chinese restaurant, there is some misunderstanding regarding whether his plate should be left empty or not. This allowed the target language to be 'activated' through discussion, particularly concerning our learners' ability to 'get used to' British food - or not.

Using the board we focused on the grammatical form, presenting/eliciting examples with discussion.

In the next activity students were given a 'wordle', a printed sheet with selected words, students then attempted to predict from the text what was going to happen in the following video clip. 

After watching the clip the students were given the task of listing what Audrey is and isn't used to. This provided lots of ideas and good practice of the target language.

In a final productive task students used their owns ideas to make statements and questions with 'used to'. These were fed back to the class and we discussed our favourites.

What is Audrey Used to - Worksheet

Grammar Key Sheet

Write About Yourself With USED To

Prediction Sheet

* Please note that there appear to be mistakes on the worksheets when viewed on this page. These do not appear on the downloaded/printed versions, it's just a glitch in how they display :-)

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