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The final 'S' sound

March 24th 2011

This class was our biggest to date with eight students attending, We continued focus on pronunciation as requested by the students themselves, this week looking at the final ‘s’ sound. In a warm-up activity students correctly identified 3 ways in which we use the letter ‘s’ on the end of words; in plural nouns, possessive nouns and verbs in the 3rd person singular. We then focused on the different sounds of the letter ‘s’, ( /s/ /z/ /iz/). I had made a PowerPoint presentation where students were able to have a go at pronunciation, then the rules involved were shown. A printed ‘key’ to the pronunciation rules was handed to each student to help them with the following tasks, also given on handouts. The students did very well to identify the correct pronunciation for all the example words given. We then looked at a slideshow that presented further vocabulary and students were prompted to use what they’d learnt to pronounce the ‘s’ endings in words correctly. The lesson ran on about 10 minutes longer than expected and the students were still keen to continue. One participant said “I have been studying for one year and we’ve never covered this, I’m happy to understand it now”. He also said that his full-time teacher was happy to obtain a copy of the key I’d provided last week with the final ‘ed’ sounds. I believe we are very lucky with this class as we are not constrained by the regular structure/curricula of the accredited classes the students attend, we have free reign and are able to focus on what the students identify as being their needs. Just before leaving 2 students who had been discussing something asked Graham and myself “how do we use ‘ago’ and ‘before?’, ‘What is the difference?’ This provides another excellent opportunity for us to plan and deliver something the students want, and feel they need.

FINAL /S/, /Z/, OR /IZ/?

Test yourself here

The Final S Sound

The final S sound - key

final s handout #2 - Choose the correct sounds

final s handout #1 - Choose the correct sounds

08 - Mixed Group Lesson Plan - 24-03-2011

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