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20th September 2011

In today's lesson we focused on adjectives that describe feelings and the different uses of the word 'feel'.

In a warm-up activity the students were asked to list as many feelings as they could in pairs. When answers were fed back to the board we were able to identify and highlight 'emotional' feelings.

The next task was to learn new vocabulary ahead of following activities in the lesson. The students were asked to match the new words with their definitions, after 5 minutes they did well to get most of the definitions correct and the correct answers were elicited and presented on the board. The students then put the words in categories of 'positive' and 'negative' and fed back their answers.

In order to activate the new vocabulary students were asked how they would feel in the following situations.

How do you normally feel?

  • When at home watching TV
  • Before an important exam
  • When you forget someone's name
  • If you have to speak in front of a lot of people
  • If you have to wait in a long queue in a shop
  • When you have nothing to do
  • If you go to a concert
  • If you miss a train or bus
  • If you see a big spider
  • If a large animal like a cow runs towards you
This activity worked well giving us the opportunity to use the words in context and to discuss how different words can be used for each idea.

We then focussed on different ways of using the word 'feel'.

A person:
He feels sad/fine. She felt ill.
A thing
These clothes feel wet. The room felt cold.
Have an opinion
You know how I feel about my new boss.
Feel + like + -ing
Do you feel like going for a walk?
Feel + like + noun
I feel like a cup of tea

The students then did a sentence matching activity in order to practice these uses.

How’s your mum today?
What do you feel like doing tonight?
What time did you go to bed last night?
How do you feel about our new boss?
Ooh, your hands feel cold!
Do you feel like a rest after your journey?
How was work?
I feel terrible about what I said to Tina.

Oh, before nine, I felt really tired.
Don’t worry I’m sure she wasn’t upset.
No it’s ok I slept a lot on the plane.
Oh, she’s feeling much better thanks.
Oh, terrible, sometimes I fell like walking out.
I think he’s ok. He’s got some good ideas.
I don’t know….. What’s on at the cinema?
I know – I left my gloves at home.

In a final activity students used their own ideas to make statements using the target language.

Feelings Vocabulary

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