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Bingo Lingo!

21st July 2011

In today’s lesson we focused on good old fashioned rhyming bingo calls.  They contain so much humour and expression of real life concepts that are particular to the UK. How the phrases represent the numbers by rhyming or meaning provides excellent pronunciation practise and oodles of vocabulary. Traditionally the phrases are called before the numbers, giving those who have internalised the code the advantage.
As a warmer the learners were given the task of sharing what they know about ‘bingo’, surprisingly only two knew of the game and went on to describe it to the others. I set the scene of a local bingo hall and its patrons, how serious it can be, little old ladies furiously stamping an array of cards with their wide-tipped marker pens. I went on to explain that if you know the phrases you can shout ‘BINGO’ first!

The students were given a handout and then focused on a slide-show presenting the numbers 1 – 21 with pictures. We read a phrase at a time, predicting what would be in the upcoming picture. This provided lots of interesting and often funny ideas and with regular concept checking the group soon had them down. We then played a few games, each picking up in pace in the competitive atmosphere and they were soon using 3 cards at a time. This was greatly enjoyed and I’m toying with the idea of trying to slowly introduce all 90! Perhaps offer a certificate in Bingo Linguistics ;)

I’m bemused that this old tradition has fallen by the way due to ‘political correctness’, after having a good laugh at Frankie Boyle’s jokes and watching two fat ladies doing new and exciting things with lard on their cookery show. Nevertheless I am aware of my multicultural group and will change a few things in order to avoid any inappropriate discussion.

1. Kelly's Eye 
2. One Little Duck
3. Cup of Tea
4. Knock at the Door
5. Man Alive
6. Tom’s tricks
7. Lucky 7
8. Garden Gate
9. Doctors Orders
10. Tony's Den
11. Legs Eleven
12. One Dozen
13. Unlucky for Some
14. Valentines Day
15. Young and Keen
16. Sweet Sixteen
17. Dancing Queen
18. Coming of Age
19. Goodbye-Teens
20. One Score
21. Key of the Door
22. Two Little Ducks
23. Thee and Me
24. Two Dozen
25. Duck and Dive
26. Pick and Mix
27. Gateway to Heaven
28. Over Weight
29. Rise and Shine
30. Dirty Gertie
31. Get up and Run
32. Buckle my Shoe
33. Dirty Knee
34. Ask for More
35. Jump and Jive
36. Three Dozen
37. More than Eleven
38. Christmas Cake
39. Steps
40. Naughty Forty
41. Time for Fun
42. Winnie the Pooh
43. Down on your Knees
44. Droopy Drawers
45. Halfway There
46. Up to Tricks
47. Four and Seven
48. Four Dozen
49. PC
50. Half a Century
51. Tweak of the Thumb
52. Danny La Rue
53. Stuck in the Tree
54. Clean the Floor
55. Snakes Alive
56. Was she worth it
57. Heinz Varieties
58. Make them Wait
59. Brighton Line
60. Five Dozen
61. Bakers Bun 
62. Turn on the Screw
63. Tickle Me 63
64. Red Raw
65. Old Age Pension
66. Clickety Click
67. Made in Heaven
68. Saving Grace
69. Either Way Up
70. Three Score & Ten
71. Bang on the Drum
72. Six Dozen
73. Queen B
74. Candy Store
75. Strive & Strive
76. Trombones
77. Sunset Strip
78. Heavens Gate
79. One More Time
80. Eight & Blank
81. Stop & Run
82. Straight On Through
83. Time for Tea
84. Seven Dozen
85. Staying Alive
86. Between the Sticks
87. Torquay in Devon
88. Two generously proportioned people of either gender
89. Nearly There
90. Top of the Shop

A video demonstrating how interactive whiteboard
 software was used to support and enhance the lesson

Bingo Lingo Slideshow

Bingo Cards

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